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Arthri-D : Reasons Not To Buy Supplements From TV 

Let's face it. It's easy to tear down products today, since the market is flooded with so many substandard herbal and non-herbal supplements that they are difficult to tell one from the other. Furthermore, there are so many scams online that it is difficult to distinguish which ones even contain the ingredients that they claim to contain. The FDA is constantly pulling supplements like Arthri-D for containing controlled substances, or ingredients which are intended for medical purposes. In this chaotic environment, it can be frustrating at best to make a wise consumer decision. So, let's take a quick look at some of the big warning signs for a company like Arthri-D. 

First of all, Arthri-D creates all of its contractual obligations under the name of "Arthri-D LLC," which means that, even if there is a parent company of Arthri-D LLC, that the liability for mistakes and consumer satisfaction begins and ends with the makers of Arthri-D, and not its parent company. Put simply, this is bad for quality control, since there is not a large line of other supplements and products which serves as a safety net for the costs of providing a quality product.

Also, Arthri-D seems to make most sales via television infomercial, which is a notorious medium for providing misinformation. After all, when you're sitting in front of your TV, you're not talking to a doctor. Even if you do talk to a doctor after seeing a commercial, you may take the experts who are presented as representing a legitimate second opinion. This is certainly not the case. Even if someone appears on an infomercial with a PhD, their supposed degree is rarely in the kind of medicine that is actually involved in the relief of pain for the creation of healthy systems which limit pain. The whole idea is that by eliminating inflammation, the pain of arthritis can be short-circuited. However, Arthri-D does not contain enough of any substances which eliminate inflammation. Even if Arthri-D could eliminate inflammation, it would take several months for a slow increase in joint health to turn into less pain.

In fact, if you visit the Arthri-D home site, the first thing that you're going to see is a sales video, which you can't turn off, describing the general benefits of living a "pain free life." The implied promise seems to be that Arthri-D will eliminate all pain associated with arthritis. There is no evidence to suggest that this is true, and certainly, if it were true, we would've all heard about it by now. Every product which contains a few legitimate ingredients deserves a fair shake, even if it does not deserve to be tested by every consumer. Since Arthri-D does contain glucosamine and some amount of chondroitin, you may be willing to give it a try.


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  1. I Love this product, and does not want to be without it. I had severe pain in my knees, am is able to move around with less severity. I had been on this product for 2 yrs now. And I'm totally committed to it . Thank you for making life bearable for many people whom otherwise be motionless and stricken with pain all day.

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